Tiwi Islands – Northern Territory


Right click to download imagetiwi-islands-clearing-maps.jpg


5 Responses to “Map”

  1. […] Landclearing Map […]

  2. On the ground said

    mmmm that red is all wrong again. You need better inside sources
    A quick Google earth will show you have no idea
    If you want to save the forests and help the Tiwis, stick to reality not fantasy

  3. Anonymous said

    2 quotes from above map… “This artists impression shows in true scale what an additional 40 000 hectares of clearing would look like when spread over the targeted areas of Melville and Bathurst Islands”
    “Artist’s Impression: the scale of proposed clearing is known but the exact location is still being developed by Great Southern Plantations Ltd. They are targeting high rainfall areas close to roads and the port…”

  4. On the ground said

    Those targeted areas in your artists impressions include a lot of rainforest, steep land and treeless plains: all off limits
    They’d love to clear 40000 ha more but the land doesn’t exist
    The numbers are all for investment point of view and increase company value, the Tiwis are being conned by the biggest tax rort going in the NT
    They will soon be re visiting previously rejected blocks
    The road network may changed from your last visit, that may shock you

  5. niki said

    who is on the ground??? email me directly



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