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Petitions from Tiwi islanders

Posted by tiwiccbb on September 23, 2007

The petition, signed by over 500 Tiwi adults over 2 days, was tabled in Federal Parliament on Monday 9 Sept 06.



To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives assembled in Parliament:

We, the undersigned, are residents of the Tiwi Islands and wish to bring to your attention the concern of the Tiwi people regarding the actions of Mr John Hicks, the Executive Secretary/CEO of the Tiwi Land Council.

We, the Tiwi people, feel that our interests are not being represented.

After his 20 year involvement in the Tiwi Land Council, we feel that Mr Hicks exercises excessive influence over the respected Elders of the Tiwi Land Council. We, the Tiwi people, are not sufficiently consulted on the decisions made which have a significant impact on our land and our people. We have little information about the workings of the Tiwi Land Council which makes decisions about our future.

We do not have confidence in Mr Hicks playing such an influential role in the Tiwi Land Council and immediately call for his resignation.

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the House of Representatives to call on the Honourable Minister for Indigenous Affairs to acknowledge our call for Mr Hicks’ resignation and to commission an inquiry into the Tiwi Land Council including their administrative procedures, land-use decision making processes and Pirntubula Pty Ltd.

Chief Petitioner: Gawin Tipiloura, Nguiu PO, Bathurst Island, Phone: 0428 473 861

Thursday, September 14, 2006.

Brough rules out Tiwi council inquiry

The federal Indigenous Affairs Minister says he does not have enough evidence to justify an inquiry into the operations of the Tiwi Land Council.

A petition signed by 500 Tiwi islanders was tabled in federal Parliament earlier this week, calling for the chief executive officer to resign.

The petition alleges John Hicks exercises excessive influence over Land Council elders and that local people are not adequately consulted about major decisions.

The signatories say they have no confidence in Mr Hicks having such an influential role in the organisation.

The ABC has been unable to contact Mr Hicks about the claims this week.

The Land Council has issued a statement of support, describing him as a good man who has given 20 years of his life to the Tiwi Islands.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough says there are obvious conflicts that need to be resolved in the Tiwi community, but he has ruled out an inquiry.
————————————————————————————————————————Women’s Petition 22 Feb 2007
Check out link above, see the PDF files at bottom of page. Click on FEB 22 2007 edition of The Tiwi News

The women’s petition signed by over 100 Tiwi women reads as follows:
We, the undersigned, are women of the Tiwi Islands and we would like to express our concerns over the clearing of our native forests.
We are concerned for our future generations.
Our forests provide not only food source/bush tucker for our people but also our ceremonial items and craft. Ironwood and Bloodwood for carving spears and Turtini/Pukumani poles for ceremony, Stringybark for Tunga (bark baskets) for ceremony. Pandanus for basket weaving and various other plants for dyes.
You may be aware that ours is traditionally a matriarchal society although our voices are seldom heard.
We have no representation on the Tiwi Land Council.
We are not consulted properly and never in Tiwi language.
We hear promises of jobs and financial benefits for our people, yet have not seen any results.
Most Tiwi do not benefit from royalty payments.
In the meantime our forests are still being cleared at a fast rate.
Our call is to stop clearing Tiwi land.


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