Tiwi Islands – Northern Territory

Taracumbie Falls – “All but destroyed” Marion Scrymgour calls on fed Govt to act

Posted by tiwiccbb on October 10, 2008


> A much-loved waterfall close to a major forestry plantation on the Tiwi
> Islands north of Darwin has been all but destroyed. Footage has been obtained
> showing the devastation and it’s prompted the Northern Territory’s Deputy
> Leader to call on the Federal Government to act.

> REPTR: This is what the Taracumbie Falls on the Tiwi Islands
> north of Darwin used to look like. The swimming spot
> is about 2km by road from a major forestry plantation
> and closer to (INAUDIBLE) for years it’s been a
> favorite with Melville Island children as well as the
> odd visiting football team. But this is what has
> happened to Taracumbie the ABC’s obtained footage
> shot at the cite earlier this year. It’s left some
> people very unhappy, including the local MLA who’s
> also the deputy Leader of the Northern Territory.
> SCRYMGOUR: It is quite a sad inditement that we do want
> development, we do want economic development to
> happen in these remote communities, but it shouldn’t
> come as a cost to the environment or the surroundings
> of a beautiful spot.
> REPTR: The Tiwi Land Council has worked along side the
> forestry company Great Southern Plantations. The
> Federal Government has spent nearly 2 years
> investigating allegations Great Southern breeched
> it’s environmental commitments, including buffer
> zones. The Council isn’t sure if the waterfall is in
> one of those zones but says the waterfalls banks had
> been unstable for many years. In a statement Great
> Southern plantation says it’s forrestly operations
> didn’t cause the damage and that it conducts it’s
> operations in a compliant and sustainable way. But
> the Territory’s Deputy Leader wants the Federal
> Government to act on what it does know about earlier
> environmental breeches.
> SCRYMGOUR: They’ve been sitting on their hands for well over 12,
> nearly 2 years with this report. It was with the
> previous Government, it is now with this Government
> and sadly I know that on the Tiwi Islands people want
> some answers.
> REPTR: She says she’ll meet with the Federal Environment
> Minister to push the point home over the next few
> days.


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