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Tiwi Forestry Disaster Needs Fed Govt to donate 80 MILLION!!!!???

Posted by tiwiccbb on July 16, 2009


ABC News
16 July 2009

$80 million needed for Tiwi plantations: council

By Jane Bardon

The Tiwi Land Council has estimated it would need $80 million to make the forestry plantations on the Tiwi Islands viable following the collapse of Great Southern Plantations.

The 30,000 hectares of acacia trees on the islands are owned by Great Southern’s investors, and administrators are now managing the collapsed company’s assets.

The land council says no other companies have shown interest in taking the plantation over, and the land council would like to manage it.

But the land council’s Cyril Kalippa says he has asked the Federal Government for help because Great Southern’s account estimates show substantial money will need to be found to keep it going.

“We need about $80 million for the next three years – that’s for the wages and the things that we need to operate the forest.

“And also we need $40 million to extend the wharf or the jetty so that 50 tonne ships can come in and pick up the chip wood.”


One Response to “Tiwi Forestry Disaster Needs Fed Govt to donate 80 MILLION!!!!???”

  1. Anonymous said

    ABC Online 17 August 2009

    Tiwi dry season footy competition stalls

    By Guy McLean

    The remainder of the 2009 Tiwi Islands Football League dry season competition is likely to be abandoned.

    The new competition stalled after six rounds and there has been no football played on the islands for the past month.

    Bill Toy, the general manager of the Tiwi Islands Football League, says a lack of transport has prevented teams from attending weekly matches.

    “Previously the buses have been supplied by the Tiwi Land Council.

    “Then two buses, because of the wet season wear and tear, they went into Darwin for major repairs.

    And the Tiwi Islands Local Government, now the Tiwi Islands Shire, their buses are in for major repairs as well.

    “So we’ve effectively lost four buses, which is of course is a major problem for transporting teams from one island to the other.”

    Mr Toy says if the transport issues can be addressed, players will embrace the dry season concept in years to come.

    “They’ll play footy 12 months of the year over here.

    “It doesn’t matter to them whether it’s raining or not – they love their footy.

    “Obviously we’ve got a couple of people that want to stick to the wet season, but the majority of people, they’ll play footy when footy’s here to be played.”

    o yeah? …so what about all the transport infrastructure Great Southern supposedly supplied, including buses and including funding for the football team from the sale of Red Tiwi logs. Check out GSL, TLC and Shire transcripts on the Senate Inquiry.

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