Tiwi Islands – Northern Territory

DAFF approval of tiwi forest project under Ian MacDonald always excessive

Posted by tiwiccbb on September 25, 2009





Sites above contain endless company propaganda copy pasted and disseminated by Senator Ian MacDonald’s previous dept DAFF  for the failed Tiwi Forest “Project” (ie; 300sq kms of irreplaceable old growth Tiwi forests rapidly clear felled over 4 years under Ian MacDonald’s watch – for what…?)

from Tiwi Senate Hearings 2009 see site:  http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/senate/commttee/S12232.pdf
“Senator IAN MACDONALD—Senator Troeth has clarified some of the issues. As you
gentlemen would know, I was the Minister for Forestry and Conservation and I was surprised at the Darwin hearings to be told that our department had put lots of money into it and very significantly supported it, but I think you have confirmed to Senator Troeth that the department of forestry had no financial involvement in this project. Is that correct?
Mr Quinlivan—Yes, that is correct.
Senator IAN MACDONALD—I seem to recall that I actually visited it as minister for forestry, and I was very, very supportive of what I think is a great project, but there was an allegation made that:
The department of forestry put out regular newsletters extolling how fantastic the Tiwi forestry project was and how it was setting a shining, new model for forestry activities on Indigenous lands in Northern Australia and how it was producing millions of dollars of benefits for traditional owners, including through the sale of logs to Asia.
I certainly hope we did that and that we were supporting it, but my recollection is that perhaps it was in a departmental newsletter once or twice but that there was no long involvement of the department in the Tiwi Islands forestry project. Do you recall?… ”



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