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Ian Macdonald – tiwi college Oct 09

Posted by tiwiccbb on October 7, 2009

Reference: Forestry and mining operations on the Tiwi Islands

On Page  17,  Senator  Ian MacDonald implies that Great Southern funding or “forestry money” built Tiwi College. In fact , the College with its very few students, its turbulent and troubled short history and staff of non tiwi Christian evangelists, was funded by the Federal Govt  – up to at least $15 million since 2007. The money was given to the college on (mad) Mal Brough’s controversial condition that Nguiu TOs on Bathurst Island signed a 99 year lease for their town.


Reference: Forestry and mining operations on the Tiwi Islands

“Senator IAN MACDONALD- …The Tiwi Islanders have got money out of Great Southern. In fact we saw a school they built out of forestry money. So long as things happened, the Tiwi Islanders were happy with the deal that they had struck and they had had very good advice from very good lawyers andothers in relation to that….”



Tiwi College Construction

The Australian Government has contributed $13.9 million towards the construction of a new community managed boarding college for 200 secondary students across Year 7 to Year 12 in the Tiwi Islands, to be located at Pickertaramoor, Melville Island.


more recently in 2009


Tiwi College MELVILLE ISLAND Library $850,000.00


http://www.ntacc.com.au/acction/ACCtion_Jun07_web.pdfNTACC FUNDING

Great News for the Tiwis
$743,764 approved for the Tiwi College Resource Centre
Funding has been granted to the Tiwi Land Council to establish
a quality regional residential College to improve the educational
outcomes of young Tiwi people.
The site chosen for the College is Pickertaramoor which is central
to Melville Island.
Over the next five years it will develop into the fourth largest
community on the island, and will be the centre for regional
commerce, enterprise, and health delivery, in additional to
education and training. The College, once established is to be
a major employer of Tiwi people and form the basis for the
revitalisation of Tiwi culture.
This project is linked to a Shared Responsibility Agreement with
the NT Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination.


As for “forestry money” going towards the school, who would know? if you read the transcripts Tiwi Senate Hearings – Melville Is, Darwin, Canberra 2009
you will also gather that there is no way of knowing, for Tiwi people or investigators where the “forestry money” (lease payments) went after entering TLC coffers.


Ian MacDonald has been involved with the Tiwi Forestry project since at least 2003 as Federal Forestry  Minister. eg…

Tiwi Islands to host final forestry strategy workshop

Posted Tue Sep 2, 2003 3:01pm AEST
Updated Tue Sep 2, 2003 3:02pm AEST

Pirlangimpi on the Tiwi Islands will tomorrow host the final consultation workshop of the Federal Government’s National Indigenous Forestry Strategy.

Federal Forestry Minister Ian Macdonald says the strategy is jointly run by the Department of Forestry and ATSIC.

He says it is designed to boost the involvement of Indigenous people in the sector.


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