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Posted by tiwiccbb on October 22, 2009


Bombers ask for patience as oval issues dealt with

NT News

October 21st 2009

Bombers chairman Allan McGill has called for patience as Tiwi Oval on Bathurst Island continues to be developed as an NTFL venue.

McGill was responding to criticism of the oval surface after home games against St Marys and Waratahs.

Most of the criticism centres around the hardness of the ground and several uneven areas.

A chronic lack of shade and proper changeroom facilities have also been a problem.

“I think people have to understand we are still developing the ground after its $1.5 million upgrade,” McGill said.

“I agree the surface is hard and we’ll be talking to the shire about that.

“It obviously needs more watering but that will have to be paid for so we’ll have to discuss that with them. The shade is definitely a problem, even though we’ve erected some bush-type shelters around the ground on matchdays.

“There were 20 trees planted around the oval that don’t seem to be doing too well, so we will have to start them again.”

McGill said there was an offer from a prospective sponsor to erect permanent sail-type shades at the ground.

Those plans include using logs from the Tiwi Islands as the foundation for the shadecloth.

McGill agreed the changeroom facilities were not ideal, but conceded not a lot could be done in the immediate future.

Visiting clubs change at a school near the oval while the Tiwi side has access to the swimming pool and its rooms.

“We don’t have the money as a club so it will have to come from somewhere else,” he said.

“But it’s important to note we are only in our second season of hosting matches and third game overall, so there will be changes.”


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