Tiwi Islands – Northern Territory

Tiwi Land Council wanted More Govt $ for Disgraceful failure -300 sq km of Acacia Mangium Weeds- But No Go –

Posted by tiwiccbb on March 19, 2010

Tiwi jobs dream dashed by funding knock-back

By Phoebe Stewart

Updated Thu Mar 18, 2010 3:05pm AEDT

A forest plantation on the Tiwi Islands.

The Tiwi Land Council says it needs funding to keep the plantation going.


A plan to create hundreds of jobs on the Tiwi Islands and resurrect the collapsed Great Southern plantations project has been scuttled by a funding knock-back.

The Tiwi Land Council’s Andrew Tipungwuti says the Tiwi Islands have asked for funding from the Aboriginal Benefits Account to keep thirty workers to maintain the plantation over the next four years.

He says the funds would also have been used to hire an extra 180 local workers to harvest trees.

He says the Tiwi people are disappointed the Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin, has not stepped in.

“We’re trying to secure the lives of the Tiwis but unfortunately it didn’t fall in our favour,” he said.

“Maybe the minister thinking that economic development isn’t such a good thing on Aboriginal communities.

“We’ve just been told the funding has been declined by the minister, there has been no apparent reason for it.

“Overall it’s just disappointing.”

A media release from Ms Macklin’s office said the Tiwi Plantations Corporation had asked for funding while they sought private investment but the commercial risks involved in the forestry project were substantial and best left to the private sector to assess and manage


One Response to “Tiwi Land Council wanted More Govt $ for Disgraceful failure -300 sq km of Acacia Mangium Weeds- But No Go –”

  1. deforestation said

    jobs dream?? Tiwi people might have been dreaming of even having Some of those hundreds of backpacker jobs provided to endless unqualified ignorant European kids by Great Southern via Tiwi Land Council over the last very few years since the stupid destruction of the Tiwi forests started in earnest . – There has never been more than 6 or 7 Tiwi people employed at one time on the Tiwi Forestry project – at most… No, the government funded land rangers don’t count as forestry employees – …. and what sort of jobs could these “dream jobs” Ever have been anyway – clearing 300 square ks of traditional hunting grounds, sacred places, old growth forest over 4 years? Its so shameful and disgusting what John Hicks and his Land Council with Hicks ex govt mates have done to the Tiwi Islands… Precious forests and rare animals and plants Gone – Never Ever to be replaced. Its Still a Scandal. Someone should be getting rid of the Acacia weeds now and replanting. Face it – the plantation was a tax dodge and Tiwi people have been totally conned.

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