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NT proposes cynical lease deal to ‘help’ develop Tiwi Islands… the rip off continues as always, via John Hicks

Posted by tiwiccbb on September 11, 2013

Now this – to add insult to injury.
So 300 square kms of most precious of the old growth forests on Melville Island were clearfelled – gone – thanks to Ponzi scammers Great Southern and the white business dominated Darwin based Tiwi Land Council – TLC – under the pretence Tiwi people were going to profit – and gain ongoing jobs;
30,000 hectares of noxious weeds Acacia mangium were planted and largely abandoned;
And now in the most contemptuous move ever –  $3.8 million “loan” to TLC (CEO ‘White King’ John Hicks) with the payoff of 10,000 hectares of ancient homelands to be donated to Hicks white business mates – for 99 years.
Are Tiwi people aware of what this will mean?


“Under a proposal from the Northern Territory government, traditional owners would give the government 99-year leases over about 10,000ha of land that could be developed for agriculture, an area two-thirds the size of the Ord Stage One irrigation area in Western Australia.

The government would also gain control of industrial land close to the new Tiwi Islands port — which some predict will be the best deep-water harbour in the region once construction is complete later this year — as well as an area of prime beachfront, which would be suitable for development of a resort or a hotel.

In return, the Tiwi would receive what sources familiar with the secret plan describe as a “bailout package” for their struggling forest enterprise, on which many have pinned their hopes for employment and progress.”




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