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Great Southern Plantations Ltd.

Thursday 17 February 2005

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Environment Centre Northern Territory 

Tuesday 8 November 2005

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Wednesday 7 February 2007

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Tuesday 26 March 2007 

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Tueday 8 May 2007

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August 01, 2008

TV ad blitz calls for political action on land clearing in NT

The Wilderness Society Inc
Media Release
1 August 2008

The Wilderness Society have today launched a TV ad campaign challenging the next NT government to rule out further destructive land clearing in special parts of the Territory including the Tiwi’s and the Daly River.

TWS is supporting a group of traditional owners who are seeking an end to the land clearing of the Islands.

Traditional owners Gawin Tipiloura and Marjorie Liddy said 30,000 ha of irreplaceable forest had already been destroyed on the Tiwi Islands and warned that unless action is taken at this election, a further 70,000 ha will be wiped out.
The Tiwi Islands, (Melville and Bathurst Islands) despite their immense conservation importance, is home to the single largest native forest-clearing project in the whole of Northern Australia.

The ads, produced by the Wilderness Society will place the issue firmly at the centre of the NT election.

“Land clearing is now a key political issue that voters will be judging parties on over the coming weeks,” said Lyndon Schneiders, Northern Australia Campaign Manager for the Wilderness Society said today.

“The NT is world famous for its rugged landscapes, unique wildlife, free flowing rivers and way of life. All of these are threatened by out of control land clearing,” he continued.

Gawin Tipiloura, a traditional owner from Melville Island said that the company undertaking the clearing, Great Southern, must be cease operations and be swiftly prosecuted for numerous environmental breaches.

“The community wants land clearing to end and the NT Government to refuse stage two of the land clearing project. They must stop destroying Tiwi forests.”

Marjorie Liddy, another traditional owner has expressed dismay at the changing environment.  “Tiwi Islands are sacred land. All our bush food has been destroyed. I used to call this place land of honey, and now we can’t find that sugarbag – all the sugarbag has gone.”

Press Conference
When: 10.30am Friday 1st August 2008
Where: Bicentennial Park, Esplanade opposite the Holiday Inn, Darwin

button orange circle white arrow  VIDEO - watch the campaign ad (30-secs)

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