Tiwi Islands – Northern Territory

Background briefing

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Australia has promised $200 million to Southeast Asia to stop deforestation, but on the rich Tiwi Islands priceless and irreplaceable native forests are cut down and burnt to grow plantation timber for wood chips for Japan. It’s really a tax minimisation scheme and Tiwi forests could be worth more to the locals in carbon trading. Reporter: Wendy Carlisle.

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Landclearing on the Tiwi Islands

burning after landclearing

Landclearing on the Tiwi Islands


7 Responses to “Background briefing”

  1. tiwiccbb said

    From ASIC 11/9/06 – the company extract for Pirntubula (the company referred to by Wendy Carlisle in ABC’s Background Briefing Sept 07.
    Aust Company number: 009 633 934
    Aust Business number: 93 009 633 934
    Registered Office: Tiwi Barge Services Pty Ltd.
    Lot 3245, Muramats Rd, Berrimah NT
    The current (2006) Board of Directors for Pirntubula Ltd:
    Walter Kerinaiua,
    Mathew Wanaemirri,
    Cyril Kalippa,
    Andrew John Tipungwutti
    (Tiwi Traditonal Owners)
    William Arthur Headley – Operations Manager with Great Southern Plantations (previously with Sylvatech)
    Ian John Henty Silvester – (paid consultant for TLC)
    Craig Francis Phillips – General Manager of Pentarch Forest Products
    Bruce Dennis Maluish – Managing Director Matilda Minerals Ltd
    Tony Rokov – ? (7 Bangalow Way Durack NT)

    = 5 non-Tiwi Islanders

    With John Sydney Hicks as company secretary since Dec 1986
    (52 Charles St Stuart Park NT)

    Appointed auditor: (since July 1989)
    Stephen William Hewer
    72? Kadota Rd Rose Bay, Lindisfarne Tasmania

    30 May 2006: all of the above non -Tiwi Board members were appointed.

  2. tiwiccbb said



    “The plantation features three main species:
    • Melville Island Bloodwood
    • Darwin Woollybutt
    • Darwin Stringybark
    These three commonly occurring species of Northern Australia are available in
    log form ready for sawmill processing. Their characteristics make them ideal for
    construction – fencing – poling – furniture and flooring.” …
    “Pentarch Forest Products has access to an initial volume of 40,000 cbm per annum of Australian hardwood. The timber currently grows on Melville Island, located approximately 80km north of
    Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.
    The resource has been selected for development by the traditional land owners and the Government and represents a unique opportunity given the aesthetic and durability qualities of the timber and its relative rarity outside the island.”

    (Comment from tiwiccbb) Melville Island Bloodwood, Darwin Woollybutt, Darwin Stringybark are NOT plantation timbers. They are part of the valuable old growth hardwood Tiwi forests that have been clearfelled and shipped out from the ABA funded Port Melville for years now – Who is getting the money for the valuable hardwood? Not Tiwi Islanders… This enormous crime should be investigated by appropriate authorities – (Pentarch have valued the timber resource on Tiwi Islands to be worth $100 million US over 5 years)
    Please see Pentarch newsletter (Dec 04) below which is no longer online…
     DEC 2004 file http://www.pentarch.biz/ThePentarchNewsDec2004.pdf.

    .In this issue …First Tiwi Project sawlogs leave for China … THE PENTARCH NEWSDecember 2004 Volume 2 Issue 3

    Page 3
    Pentarch’s involvement with the rapidly developing Tiwi Forestry Project reached a significant milestone recently, with the departure of the first 7,000 tonne export shipment of sawlogs from Port Melville for Indonesia and China.The shipment is a practical demonstration of the breadth of the Pentarch Group. “Our business has a number of divisions involved in the facilitation of what will be a 5 year, one million tonne hardwood export program worth some US$100 million,” explains Pentarch Managing Director, Malcolm McComb. “The success of this first shipment is testimony to our expertise in the areas of marketing, transporting, marshalling and shipping.”The company’s forestry division, Pentarch Forest Products, has driven the marketing of Tiwi timber to a number of customers, initially in China, Indonesia and Vietnam. Stage 1 of the Tiwi Forestry Project saw construction of the $4.29 million Port Melville wharf and log storage facility which was supervised by Pensyl, a joint venture between Pentarch and Sylvatech. Pensyl is also responsible for the ongoing operation of the port, which will accommodate vessels of up to 24,000 tonnes.Pentarch’s Total Project Management Australian Marshalling Services (Pentarch’s marshalling business) then assisted the first shipment by marshalling and loading the sawlogs at Port Melville. Pentarch’s shipping business, Stratus Shipping,coordinated the charter of the first log barge, and will undertake future shipments approximately every three weeks. Harvesting and export marketing of around 4,000 hectares of mature caribaea pine from plantations on Melville Island, which also form part of the Tiwi Forestry Project, will also shortly commence. “Initial hardwood shipments will be used for furniture and flooring, with some possibly returning to Australia in a semi-finished form,” explains Malcolm McComb.The export program will ship around 200,000 tonnes of timber a year. As it continues, the area of Tiwi Forestry Project Acacia mangium plantations on Melville Island will be increased from the current 8,300 hectares to 35,000 hectares. Stage 2 of the project will see up to 100,000 hectares of plantation established.The first 200,000 tonne Acacia mangium harvest is scheduled for 2009. Woodchip volumes will rise to around a million tonnes a year by 2013. This level of production is sustainable for the life of the project, which has a secure 30-year lease plus a 30-year option over its land on Melville Island.“The Tiwi Forestry Project represents a world-scale forest products industry,” says Malcolm McComb. “The Pentarch Group is pleased to have a strong relationship with Sylvatech and the other parties involved in helping to organise the first shipment from start to finish. We’re delighted to have played a significant role in assisting the Tiwi
    Forestry Project’s transition to a fully integrated forest products industry, exporting to world markets.”Pentarch’s partner Sylvatech Limited, has been instrumental in bringing the Tiwi Forestry Project to fruition. Their vision of 100,000 hectares of acacia mangium plantation has been the driving force behind the development of the resources on Melville Island. The goal of 1 million tonnes per annum by 2013, looks to be on target.
    For further information, contact
    Steve Hoban at s.hoban@pentarch.biz

    Page 7

    In the past couple of years, Pentarch Forest Products has changed from being a company almost totally involved with the marketing of radiata pine, to one that exports a comprehensive range of forestry species. In this issue of The Pentarch News we present the first of a series of short articles on some of the other species that Pentarch markets….
    Red Tiwi – Australian tropical hardwood
    Pentarch has begun the marketing of Australian tropical hardwood from the resource on Melville Island which incorporates three main species, Eucalyptus tetrodonta, E. miniata and Corymbia nesophylla. These trees, native to northern Australia and Melville Island, contain very hard, very
    dense wood with colours ranging from a chocolate brown through deep red to salmon pink. Being hard and dense, the wood is ideally suited to flooring, and in fact the floors at Federation Square, the new city centre of Melbourne, have been laid using these species. Another use for these valuable logs is furniture making and they are seen as an ideal substitute for increasingly rare South East Asian tropical hardwoods. Pentarch has taken a twofold approach to marketing these species; firstly by exporting them to experienced end users of tropical hardwood in Asia and also by processing some of the output within Australia.With hardwoods increasingly preferred by home owners, architects and interior designers as the flooring of choice and with the species from Melville Island showing excellent durability and appearance characteristics, Pentarch sees a great future for the Red Tiwi in Australia and overseas.
    For further information,
    contact Ian Sedger at i.sedger@pentarch.biz

    New Species Explained (PIC MISSING)
    Tropical hardwod flooring in the Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square in Melbourne

    Page 8
    Head Office: Kings Garden Estate99 Coventry Street South Melbourne Victoria 3205
    AustraliaPh: (03) 9682 8677 Fax: (03) 9682 9533 Website: http://www.pentarch.biz

  3. On the ground said

    Quote; tiwiccbb Says:
    September 22, 2007 at 1:54 pm
    Melville Island Bloodwood, Darwin Woollybutt, Darwin Stringybark are NOT plantation timbers. They are part of the valuable old growth hardwood Tiwi forests that have been clearfelled and shipped out from the ABA funded Port Melville for years now –

    mmm half truths there. These timbers were cut down years ago and sit rotting at the port awaiting a buyer. Now days its clear felled and burnt
    Don’t believe PR from companies dependent of investors
    The truth will make you credible!

  4. On the ground said

    PS that second picture is land cleared of pine, try and get some more accurate shots!!

  5. tiwiccbb said

    From TITEB (Tiwi Islands Training Board) thru Tiwi Land Council (John Hicks)

    Tiwi Times October 2007
    Export Awards
    Pensyl, the export arm of Great Southern Limited, has won the Emerging Exporter Award in this year’s Northern Territory Chief Minister’s Northern Territory Export and Industry Awards announced in October. Pensyl operates Port Melville on the Tiwi Islands, in partnership with the Tiwi landowners through Pirntubula Pty Ltd, to export timber from the Tiwi Islands. Accepting the award from sponsor Debra Chapman of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Great Southern’s Deputy General Manager of the Tiwi Forestry Project Craig Williams paid tribute to the dedication of Tiwi elders in pursuing their vision for economic growth on the islands. Since taking over the operations of the port and marketing of the timber in China in 2005, Pensyl has turned around an unprofitable business where shipments of timber were losing money. The Tiwi people now receive between $50,000 and $90,000 a shipment, and are expected to receive up to $2 million over the next five years in port lease payments, contributions for shipments and wages. The turnaround saw reliable markets established, brand awareness was increased with a more focused approach on Southern China, and customer satisfaction was improved through product inspections and sending marketing agents to China to teach appropriate cutting and drying techniques. At the same time, stevedoring and maritime operations were adapted to suit the port’s remote tropical location and, in 2005, the wharf was extended to 60 metres, which meant 28,000 tonne ships could berth. From chasing markets, demand now outstrips supply and Pensyl is able to chose its ports according to the best price for the Tiwi product, according to Great Southern spokesperson David Ikin.
    “Great Southern expects the first acacia to be harvested from the Tiwi Islands Forestry Project in 2013 and there are plans for a wood chip mill,” he said.
    The forestry project is creating economic benefits for the Tiwis as well as attracting other investors, such as Matilda Minerals, which is exporting mineral sands from the port to Southern China on the same ships




  6. tiwiccbb said

    $50,000 – 90,000 per shipment? Who would ever really know where that money goes… Can anyone see the TLC minutes? …”up to” $2 million over 5 years for “port lease payments, contributions for shipments and wages?” Do the maths. Its next to nothing for the Tiwi people for the sacrifice of hundreds and hundreds of sq kms of incredibly valuable irreplaceable old growth forest and unique fauna. At least boss is letting us know officially that their trade in old growth tropical forest timbers is going very nicely for someone! hello… Pirntubula board… let us know…

  7. EnviromentVsEcomony said

    This is typical of the Northern Territory Government.
    Look at the open cut mine at McArthur river.
    The Serpent has been hurt forever and so has a sacred site.
    Now we have an engineer as Minister.
    Environmental impact studies will be as corrupt as the rest of them.
    It is all about keeping Darwin afloat.

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